Back in the Saddle/Big Massive Sale

The last new release from HCH was just about a year ago if not more. Not that the label has ever been very active, but this feels like a long break, too long. Better change this as soon as possible.

While I was busy with life, the last copy of the Hell Comes Home Volume 1 Box Set sold, which is a milestone in itself and makes it officially sold-out. Thanks a million to everyone who purchased a copy. However for those who missed out on it, I’m sure there are a few floating around the interweb.

So, now is the time to get back in the saddle and release some new “mind bending” music! Before I may do so I need to clear some space and raise a bit of very necessary cash to fund any new project, which means it’s time for a sale.

I’ll start the sale with a significant 50% discount (starting September 18, 2017) on all physical items. It’ll be available for a week. Next week it’ll be 40%, then 30%, etc. You get the idea.  Shop here

The 50% discount code is: HCH50BL (use it at checkout).

LPs, 7″s and shirts are available from the following bands: Scientist, Great Falls, Raedon Kong, Thou, Xnoybis, Dead Elephant, Rabbits, Dopefight, The Fucking Wrath, Rites, Dukatalon, The Swan King, Tellusian, Union Of Sleep, Pyramido, Lesbian’s Fungal Abyss and last but not least Akaname.

This way to the shop

As always you can purchase digital downloads or listen to any of the releases on Bandcamp.